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Plant a tree in Canada as a gift and send a personalized card.




Honor friends & loved ones by restoring Canada's forests.

Have a tree or an entire grove planted, in honor or in memory.

Through A Living Tribute, people may plant trees in Canada as a living memorial or gift. Each tree planting includes a sustainably sourced commemorative card that we will stamp and mail directly to your gift recipient. Your plant-a-tree gift will help to restore areas of Canada that are in desperate need of reforestation and afforestation.

Select your quantity of trees, choose where in Canada you want them to be planted, and personalize your tribute.
We stamp and mail you or your gift recipient a personalized keepsake card to commemorate the honorary tree planting (sustainbly sourced).
New trees are planted in Canada's forests by conservation groups to restore the beauty of nature for our future generations.
a living tribute

A Living Tribute was created to connect people looking to have trees planted as living memorials or gifts with national reforestation projects. As our goal is to make the world greener through environmental gift giving, every commemorative card that we send out is sustainably sourced, acid-free, REC-Certified and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. 

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Plant a Tree in Memory

Plant a Tree in Memory


Plant a living memorial for someone in Canada's forests. Your memorial trees will be planted in areas where there is a need for reforestation or afforestation. Multiple trees can be dedicated.


Your memorial gift includes a mailed commemorative card that can be personalized with a message of sympathy.

Plant a Tree in Honour

Plant a Tree in Honor or Celebration


Planting a tree in someone's name is a green and unique gift for holidays, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, births, or any milestone or special occasion. Companies can plant trees as awards for employee recognition events, retirements, green fundraisers, or clients going paperless.

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