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Frequently Asked Questions


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Can I designate a location for my tree to be planted?
Yes, you can have your tree planted in locations such as Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, the Prairies (Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba), the Atlantic region's Acadian forests, or the Boreal Forest. If no planting location is selected, your tree will be planted where it is currently needed the most.
What types of trees will be planted?
The trees are native to the region in which they are planted. We provide information on what types of seedlings are currently being planted in each region here.
Are the trees planted for commercial purposes? Will they be cut down?
No, the trees are planted in a natural setting, and are not planted for commercial purposes such as logging. Many of our tribute trees are planted to restore former mining sites back into green forests.
Do you offer tree plantings in urban areas or on school campuses?
No, at this time we are only offering tree plantings in Canada's forests and in areas in need of afforestation.
Are the trees planted by professionals?
Yes, our trees are planted through the national greening program, by trusted conservation 
non-profits that have planted literally millions of tree seedlings in Canada over the decades.
I want to send out multiple plant-a-tree cards, how can I do this?
Please contact customer service to place a custom or bulk order. This will save you considerable time, as our shopping cart only supports a single gift recipient/address at a time.
Why plant a tree for someone as a gift? 
Your trees will help to replant and restore Canadian forests impacted by wildfires, natural disasters, disease and invasive insects (such as the mountain pine beetle), and to establish trees in areas where there is currently no forest (i.e. on former mining sites).
Are any markers or plaques placed at the planting site?
No, this is not currently possible, as the trees are planted in mass as a part of large-scale reforestation & afforestation projects. 
Can I visit the tree planting sites?
Yes! As of 2019, we have exact GPS coordinates for 95% of our tree planting sites.  The coordinates will be printed on the inside of the keepsake card.
Can I plant a tree for someone in the United States?
Yes, you can order a tree planting on a National Forest through our US website.
My non-profit is planting trees in Canada, can we partner with A Living Tribute to drive funds to our replanting project?
Yes! Please contact us for more information, we are always striving to offer our customers additional locations where they can plant tribute trees.




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